Michael Hakimi 

Opening: Saturday, November 5, 11:00

Michael Hakimi (*1968) belongs to a generation of artists whose work developed with a critical awareness of the expanded art practices that have shaped art since the 1960s.

Hakimi makes use of diverse forms, formats, subjects, found objects, “archaic” and raw materials that evoke associations with widely different artistic genres and everyday culture. He combines these various ingredients to create austere, theatrically staged installations that relate to a narrative that is, however, never quite tangible.

Minimalist and geometric forms and materials that are at times reminiscent of Arte Povera and Minimal Art combine with popular cultural and everyday images, shapes and objects to create a polyvalent field of possible ways of reading the work. Tableaus that at first appear to be dispassionate and neutral soon reveal themselves to be related social concerns. With such titles as “Die Straße von Hormuz 1 [The Strait of Hormuz 1]”, “Zukunft statt Kapitalismus [The Future Not Capitalism]”, “Welt am Draht [World on the Wire]” or “Die geteilte Oase or The Story of our flag” there are many clear references made to socio-political themes and events. The stylistic detachment is intricately interwoven with complex semantic levels of everyday events, design, film and art history.

The Stadtgalerie Schwaz is happy to be able to present Michael Hakimi’s works that have already been shown in numerous international institutions (Kunsthalle Basel, Kunstverein Hamburg, etc.) in a new large-scale installation.