PerformIC 2011 
Judith Hopf, Contract entre les Hommes et l'Ordinateur - Some Ends of Things 

hosted by Stadtgalerie Schwaz
Veranstaltungsort / Venue: The Soap Room, Innstrasse 23

One can trace a rather interventionist interest in Judith Hopf’s (D, *1969) works, which are anything but agreeable.

She likes to re-examine issues that society and politics seem to have pushed aside. Her interest is focused on the field of power between politics / art / theory. Besides this, there is a cornucopia of self-staging that appears at reliable intervals, and a commitment to brightly-coloured, glamorous pop-poetry. In the context of performIC 2011 Judith Hopf has developed a new performance for the Municipal Gallery Schwaz relating to this year’s topic Trial& Error. (Source:

Picture: Judith Hopf, What do you look like?
A crypto demonic mystery, 2007, Video, by courtesy of Galerie Andreas Huber, Wien