Otto Steinert 1915–1978 – photography 

Photographs from the estate of Otto Steinert 1915–1978

Opening, friday the 12 th of January, 7pm

Introduction Maren Gröning, Albertina Wien

Otto Steinert was an influential German teacher of photography. His first career was in medicine, in which he qualified as a doctor in 1939, the same year he taught himself photography. After serving as a medical officer in the war, and two years as an assistant doctor he became a photographer.

Soon he was also teaching photography and also was one of the founders of a photo group, 'Photo-Form'. In 1951 he organised the first of three exhibitions under the title of Subjective photography, which explored the creative potential of techniques such as long exposures, out of focus images and other technical devices

He became one of the most influential photography teachers in Germany, teaching a number of the leading German photograpers of the next generation.