Běla Kolářová & Lucie Stahl 

Opening: Friday, February 11, 19:00

The exhibition has been made in cooperation with the Kölnischer Kunstverein.
Exhibition in Köln: 14/4 – 30/5/2011

Běla Kolářová & Lucie Stahl will be the first exhibition with Cosima Rainer as the new artistic director of the Stadtgalerie Schwaz. Over the course of the entire year, contemporary themes and artists will be shown in relationship to historical positions.

The exhibition Běla Kolářová & Lucie Stahl presents two artists from two quite different generations. What unites them is their concrete reference to everyday objects that derive from a femininely coded context. Even though the artists appropriate and transform these objects in different ways, both Kolářová (1923-2010) and Stahl (*1977) articulate a subtle feminist commentary full of irony and poignant social critique. Both artists are united in their unconventional and intimate implementation of means and media of reproduction. Lucie Stahl’s ink-jet prints coated in polyurethane are made through “applying” various objects with a fetish quality (such as bubble bath or diverse oils) to the scanner, while Běla Kolářová experimented with x-ray photography and photograms of women’s hair or drawings made with “make up” and assemblages made out of eyelets, safety pins, etc.. And finally, another important level of interaction between the two artists can be seen in their straightforward approach to language, with Lucie Stahl’s short texts written in the style of American stand-up comedians and with Kolářová’s attention to titles and her relationship to concrete poetry.